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Welcome to ALTER’s packaging applications, the nexus where innovation intersects with industry needs. Across a diverse spectrum of sectors, our suite of semiconductor services stands ready to meet the unique demands of modern technology. From precision image sensor packaging propelling the next wave of visual communication to compact Chip on Board solutions optimizing electronic design, ALTER’s expertise ensures reliability and performance at every turn.

Delving deeper, our tailored services extend to MEMS Packaging, empowering automotive and medical industries with cutting-edge sensor solutions. Meanwhile, our System in Package integration redefines electronic systems, offering streamlined design and enhanced performance. And with ASIC Packaging, we unlock the full potential of specialized circuits, from telecommunications to industrial automation. At ALTER, innovation isn’t just a buzzword—it’s our commitment. Explore our Applications and embark on a journey of technological advancement with us today.

Immerse yourself in the world of groundbreaking semiconductor innovations with ALTER’s Packaging Applications. Our comprehensive suite of services spans various cutting-edge technologies, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability across diverse applications.

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