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ALTER specializes in optical alignment, aligning optical fibers and components to various optoelectronic devices like diode lasers and Photonics ICs.

Photonics devices rely on propagation of light between the light source and the rest of the optical system. This is usually achieved by coupling the light via lenses or an optical fibre. Precise optical alignment results in high coupling efficiency and therefore the least signal loss in the assembly or packaging of an optical system.  ALTER has a range of processes for optical alignment of free-space micro optics and optical fibre.

During alignment of an optical fibre to a laser diode, the diode is activated and the optical fibre is presented to the laser facet.  The power output from the fibre is monitored while precisely adjusting the position of the fibre to achieve peak power at the fibre output. Once peak output power and other key parameters are achieved, the fibre is fixed in position on a stable optical bench within the package with either a laser-welded metal clip, or optical grade epoxy.

In the case of passive optical devices such as Silicon Photonics ICs with no internal light source, an external laser can be provided for the purpose of alignment. The beam is transmitted to the PIC via. the optical fibre and then looped back using spare channels in the PIC and monitored via the fibre output. This approach can be used to align fibre arrays of up to 32 channels to Photonics ICs by either edge or grating coupling.

Capabilities for Optical Alignment

  • PM, SM, MM, Polycrystalline, High-temperature fibres and FVA’s including lensed options.
  • Laser weld or epoxy attach of fibre assembly.
  • High-quality AR coating with a variety of lens designs to maximise coupling efficiency.
  • Solutions for a wide range of devices and wavelengths including DFB, DBR lasers, SOA’s, SLD’s VCSEL’s, Photodiodes and Quantum Cascade lasers.
  • Isolators and Free-Space optics.

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