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ALTER’s laser diode modules: Custom configurations, in-house assembly/testing, and precision solutions for diverse Photonics applications.

As the practical applications of Photonics become more diverse, there is an increased need for laser diode module configurations which off-the-shelf commercial solutions cannot always fulfil. ALTER offers a range of laser diode packaging platforms in module configurations that are not usually available off the shelf and have a wide range of customisation options. 

laser diode module

With a long history as a packaging company, ALTER has the advantage of in-house capabilities for laser diode assembly and testing. This offers the benefit of providing a diverse and customisable range of laser diode solutions. We use bare laser diode chips sourced from multiple chip manufacturers, allowing for fast and efficient production of module solutions spanning various wavelengths and power levels. 

Solutions include single mode diode lasers with collimated free-space output, high-reliability fibre coupling, collimated VCSEL lasers and standard hermetic PIC packaging platform.  Each platform provides thermal management via integrated thermoelectric cooler and thermistors. This standardised approach results in no development costs, shortened lead times and reliable laser diode modules in industry standard packages.   

Our flexible business model allows for customisation options to be considered and included according to the demands of the customer’s application. The modules are generally based on ALTER’s space-qualified processes to ensure stability and reliability. 


  • REMOTE – VBG stabilised lasers into butterfly packages 
  • FLAME – FLAME is a compact, frequency-stabilised laser module with an integrated vapour cell that allows locking to spectral features of an atomic reference for metrology and quantum applications. 
  • Collimated laser diodes in a thermally stabilised and hermetically sealed butterfly package. 
  • Collimated TO-can package at a wide range of wavelengths and power levels 

Download Dewar datasheet

The Dewar from ALTER can accommodate various single mode chip structures from numerous chip manufacturers over multiple wavelenghts. With this approach we can offer defined, optical, electrical, thermal and mechanical performance specs in a range of industry standard packages in both prototype and volume quantities.


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