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Explore ALTER’s tailored packaging & assembly services for ASIC designers, Industrial, Medical, Scientific, and Space & Aerospace industries.

We specialize in delivering tailored solutions to diverse industries

ALTER covers a complete production line. As an OSAT company we have a range of services and solutions tailored to specialized industry segments such as ASIC designers, Industrial, Medical, Scientific and Space & Aerospace.

ASIC Designers and Fabless Manufacturers

As the leading European OSAT, ALTER can offer Fabless companies a complete back-end turnkey service, from wafer to a packaged and tested product. 

ALTER’s Fast Turn IC prototype packaging service is ideally suited for fast evaluation of new chip designs, and is widely used by chip designers, wafer foundries and universities.  The wide range of available packages and standardisation of pricing and design rules makes the service responsive when project timescales and time to market are critical. 

ALTER UK also offers this service to Europe’s largest multi-project wafer providers. Our package portfolio duplicates production package performance and footprints, design can be brought to production without changes to the target socket or PCB. 

Our over-molded QFN packaging process offers a low-cost scalable route to volume production for customers requiring 1000’s to 100,000’s of devices per year with total capacity of several millions.  Customers can stay with us from prototype to production without having to redesign or rescope their assembly further down the line. 

Our test capabilities include wafer probe test / electrical wafer sort, final test using automated device handlers, and device qualification. 

Industrial, Medical and Scientific

System integrators and equipment manufacturers providing equipment for manufacturing, medical and scientific applications generally need 1000’s of components per year, and are not able to produce the high volumes required for entry into the large assembly houses.  ALTER UK’s automated manufacturing processes can serve these industries with low cost and short lead time. 

Our process knowledge can significantly reduce time to market for new designs and optimise throughput and yield for higher volume requirements.  Automated manufacturing can provide several millions of die placements per year. 

Typical products assembled include MEMS, high-brightness LED modules, CMOS image sensors, VCSELs and ASIC/ICs. 

To supplement our assembly services we have a full package design and modelling capability to help our customers optimise performance and cost.  We have a fully defined new-product introduction (NPI) process to efficiently move products from design and development into volume production. 

Space & Aerospace industries

ALTER provides robust hermetic packaging for challenging environments such as space, aerospace and defence.  Our factory operates with an AS/EN9100 quality management system which incorporates ISO9001. Our registration with JOSCAR facilities fast onboarding as a new supplier.  Our ISO class 7 clean room provides full particle, humidity and temperature controls. 

ALTER’s expertise and capability in Encapsulation and Hermetic Sealing will reduce risk and reduce time to market. 

Over the last 10 years ALTER UK have established space heritage for microelectronic and optoelectronics package assembly across a range of ICs and discrete devices. Devices have been supplied for missions including Metosat, The Mars Perseverance Rover and Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer. The requirements of the assemblies have varied between devices and missions, but all of these devices have been assembled into hermetically sealed packages. 

Download Datasheets for advanced packaging solutions

Explore our expertise through ALTER's Packaging and Assembly datasheets. Click now to explore cutting-edge solutions, from fast IC prototype packaging to advanced hermetic sealing. Discover our capabilities in ASIC packaging, MEMS, laser diode modules, and more. 


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