UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2023


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The Photonics Design Center will participate in the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2023. London, 2nd November 2023.

Innovate UK, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), in collaboration with the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme (UKNQTP) are excited to share the recordings of this year’s Quantum Technologies Showcase.

Explore the expanding landscape of quantum technology commercialisation and industrial advancement in the UK, where approximately half of all quantum businesses in Europe call home.

Huge breakthroughs are happening across automotive, healthcare, infrastructure, telecommunications, cyber security and defence. The Showcase is the perfect opportunity for delegates and exhibitors to network and explore collaborations at one of the largest quantum events in the UK and discover the growing commercialisation and industrialisation of quantum technologies.

The showcase also demonstrated the success and progress of UKNQTP, a £1 billion dynamic collaboration between industry, academia and government. So far, UKNQTP has invested almost £500m in UK Quantum projects, with a goal of £1b by 2024,  including several hundred businesses from supply chain, end users and technology developers.

The Quantum Technologies Showcase was for anyone interested in the UK quantum technology sector, including industry professionals, businesses, academics, government representatives and investors.

We were excited to be joined by the following speakers: